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Bearded Dragon Diet-vegetables, fruits, plants, unsafe plants



Safe Vegetables


Acorn squash              Artichoke heart           Asparagus       Beets                           Beetroot

Bell Peppers                Bok Choy                    Broccoli           Brussels sprouts

Butternut squash         Cabbage                      Cauliflower     Celery  `                       Chicory

Collard greens             Cucumber                    Endive             Green beans                Lentils

Kale                             Kohlrabi                      Mushrooms     Mustard greens

Okra                            Parsley                         Parsnips           Peas, green                  Pumpkin

Radicchio                    Rutabagas                    Snow peas       Spagetti squash

Spring greens              Sweet potato                Swiss chard     Turnip greens              Yams

Yellow squash


Safe Plants


Alfalfa                         Arugula                       Astilbe             Baby’s tears                 Basil

Borage                         Carnations                   Chinese lantern                                   Clover

Coriander                    Dahlia                          Dandelion greens                                Day lilies

Fennel                         Ficus                            Hibiscus          Hollyhock                   Lavender

Lemon grass                Mequite leaves            Mint leaves      Mulberry leaves          Nasturtium

Oregano                      Pansies                        Petunia            Phlox                           Rose petals

Rosemary                    Sage                            Thyme             Watercress                   Yucca


Safe Fruits


Apples                         Apricot                        Banana            Blackberries                Blueberries

Chayote                       Cherries                       Cranberries      Figs                             Grapes

Grapefruit                    Guava                          Kiwi                Mangos                       Melons

Nectarine                     Papayas                       Peaches           Pears                            Pineapple

Plum                            Pomegranate                Prickly pears   Prunes                         Raisins

Raspberries                  Starfruit                       Strawberries    Tomatoes





Unsafe plants


Acocanthera                Amaryllis                     Angel’s trumpet                                   Azalea

Bittersweet                  Black locust                 Boxwood        Braken fern                 Buckthorn

Burdock                      Buttercup                     Caladium         Calla lily                      Catclaw acacia

Caster bean                 Chinaberry                  Clematis          Coral Plant                  Crocus

Wild daffodil               Daphne                        Death camas    Delphinium                 Dieffenbachia

Elderberry                   Elephant’s ears Euonymus       Europeon pennyroyal

Four o’clock                Heliotrope                   Henbane          Holly                           Horse chestnut

Horse nettle                 Hyacinth                      Hydrangea       Iris                               Ivy

Jack-in-the-pulpit         Jerusalem cherry         Jonquil             Juniper                         Lantana

Larkspur                      Laurel                          Lily-of-the-valley                                Lobella

Mistletoe                      Mock orange               Moonseed        Monkshood                 Morning glory

Narcissus                     Oak                             Oleander          Peony                          Periwinkle

Peyote                         Philodendron               Poison hemlock                                   Poison ivy

Poison oak                  Poison sumac              Poinsetta          Poppy                          Pokeweed

Primrose                      Privet                           Ragwort          Red maple                   Rhododendron

Rosary pea                  Shamrock plant           Skunk cabbage                                    Snowdrop

Sorrel                           Spurges                       Star of Bethlehem                               Sweet pea

Tobacco                       Tulip                            Virginia creeper                                   Vetches

Water hemlock            Waxberry                     Wisteria           Yew



Hi, I’m Lily the lizard residing in the lobby of Sawnee Animal Clinic. My Latin genius name is Pogona but you probable know me as a bearded dragon. I have become the most popular reptile pet in America.  All of my ancestors came from several regions in Australia covering most of the continent.  Each area is a little different and, therefore, so are we but all are arid so we like it hot and dry.Australia closed its exportation of Pogonas in the 1980’s and some animals were smuggled out.All animals today are the result of crossbreeding two to six different subspecies of those individuals.One ancestor, Pogona barbata, had a lot of yellow pigment in its mouth so any Pogona today with the same characteristic has at least some P. barbata bloodline. Unfortunately, you can’t guess how much P. barbata is present based on the amount of yellow pigment.